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Building reputation on timely delivery and top quality products at an excellent value, we introduce ourselves as one of the leading organizations specializing in the manufacture and export of Evergreen Carpets, High Touch Carpets, Emerald Carpets, ghazni carpets, High Twist Woollen Carpets, Hand Knotted Woollen Rugs etc. Quality, service and dependability are the key factors that have propelled our organization from a local one to a global one.

Thriving on expertise and knowledge, we have become a name to reckon with in offering carpets with distinctive styles and designs that add an exclusive charm to the ambiance. Supported by our rich history of distinctive styling, unsurpassed service and outstanding value, we have been a long-time supplier of carpeting to the residential and new home markets, and we look forward to many more years of service to our valued customers.

We can assure the highest quality products at the best prices - and that equals the greatest value for our customers.

We are quality conscious manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of all types of indian carpets and rugs like hand knotted woolen carpets, hand knotted woolen rugs, hand knotted pure silk carpets, indian hand knotted wool silk carpets nad indian hand knotted wool silk rugs. We manufacture a trend setting collection of carpets using both traditional and contemporary methods of production. Our range includes:
Evergreen Carpets & Rugs :
We make high wuality carpets and rugs in Agra pattern Design. We offer:

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Hand Tufted carpets
Hand Tufted Rugs
Hand Knotted carpets
Hand Knotted Rugs
Hand Knotted Woolen Carpets
Hand Knotted Woolen Rugs

High Touch Carpets & Rugs :
We make Hand Knotted carpets & Rugs, using 100% Hand Spun Wool In 100% vegetable dyed Colours with antique finish and herbal washing. Available in 10x10 Quality and 8x8 quality.
Hand Spun Wool Carpets
Hand Spun Wool Rugs
Indian Hand knotted Wool Silk Carpets
Hand knotted Wool Silk Rugs

Emerald Carpets & Rugs:
We make Emerald Carpets in 10x10and 11x11 Quality with unique color combination and designing.
Ghazni Carpets
High Twist Woollen Carpets
Flat Weave Carpets
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Detailed Products Description :

? Hand Tufted Woolen Carpet
Place of Origin
Min. Quantity
: 100% Nz Wool - 2500 Gms/Sq. Mtr.
: India
: Any size
: 100 mtr. sq.

? Hand knotted Wool Carpets
Finish : 10x10 and 8x8 (100% Hand Spun Wool)
: 100% Vegetable Dyed Colours
: Antique Finish, Herbal Washing

? High Twist Woollen Carpets (Ghazni Type)
: 10x10 and 11x11 (wool)
: Unique Color Combination & Designing
: Any Size

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Our Strengths
We are one of the leading vertically integrated organization with in house production facilities all under strict quality control measures.
We adhere to a strict quality control system to ensure immaculate production.
We believe in following cost effective methods aligned with streamlined working procedures so as to realize economies of scale.
Our collection of carpets stands apart in terms of distinctive styling, discreet designs and competitive prices.
Our dedicated R&D continually strives to come forth with latest designs and quality standards to keep in tune with the latest market trends.
We are empowered with excellent logistic support to meet tightest of the delivery schedule.
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For us the customer always stands first. We invite queries from the prospects and are eager to enter into healthy business relationship with them.

Please don't hesitate to ask for more about our products.


Best Regards For You,
Sandeep gupta.
Anu Exports
,Agra.282001 (UP) INDIA.
Company Products/Services
*   Woollen carpets
*   Durries
*   Rugs
*   Bathmats
*   Indian Handicrafts
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Contact Person : Sandeep Gupta
Address : 10/A priyanka puram dayal bagh.Agra.u.p india
Telephone : +919319391990
Fax : +91-562-2226446
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