Academy Of Professional Skills

Company Profile
Academy of Professional Skills specializes in Management, Sales & Marketing, telecommunication and Computer education and training. It conducts corporate workshops on current subjects of business needs. The pricing is attractive to one and all.
*   Established by qualified and experienced technocrat
*   Education based on actual business needs
*   Low pricing
*   Program tailored to inndividual need
*   Lond term after sales support
Company Products/Services
*   Sales & Marketing Management subjects
*   Telecommunication engineering subjects
*   Performance management subjects
*   Computer and Internet subjects
*   Workshops tailored to individual needs
Contact us
Contact Person : Mr. VK Mehta
Address : JD 65A, PITAMPURA< DELHI-110034
Telephone : 011 7410240
Fax : 011 6968197
E-Mail :  

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