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We can supply virtually and have links with various dealers and manufacturer of all electronics and computer needs. The following is a partial list of our supplies and available configurations. We can accommodate most requests for motherboards, keyboards, mouse and other related equipment. Please inquire regarding networking equipment, servers, software (including operating systems, multimedia, games, educational/instructional software, etc.), and all other peripheral equipment
*   Electronics and computer
*   Hard Disks
*   Mother Board
*   TV Tuner / Modem
*   Monitor-LCD
*   Key board
*   UPS (UnInterupted Power Supply)
*   CD-Rom/ CR-writer
*   Combo Drive
*   Woofers / Head Phones
Company Products/Services
*   We also provide Consulting services
*   We are specialized in assisting foriegn exporters and importers
*   Our company helps in sorting the requirements of different clients
*   We also act as a commision agent
Contact us
Contact Person : Syed Nouman
Address : #no 102 'A' Block, Akbar Tower New Malakpet, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Telephone : 9104024511484
E-Mail :  

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