Beijing Daxiang New Material & Technology Co.

Company Profile
We are a reputable manufacturer of Pneumatic Neck Traction with FDA and 3 exclusive patents in China.
This Pneumatic Neck Traction is 220g in weight with beautiful package. This Unique physical therapy device and helps you cure and prevent cervical spondylopathy, and relief the neck pain and fatigue, Muscles spasms, Pinched nerves etc after 20 minutes treat. It is easily and comfortably to use, when patients are sitting, lying, walking, working or typing before computer.
This product can be sold on internet, in hospital, clinic, drugstore and supermarket.
In order to expand our business, we are looking for the overseas distributors to distribute our products, if you are interested in it, Please contact us!

Company Products/Services
*   Pneumatic Neck Traction
*   Neo Health 9000
Contact us
Contact Person : Calcedony
Address : No.22,6/F,Fucheng road, Haidian district,
Telephone : 86-10-68719303
Fax : 86-10-68372489
E-Mail :  

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