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ARTEXIM HANOI specialises in exporting Quality Eco-friendly Handcrafted Home Deco, Giftware and Fashion Accessories. Pls see our collection on ARTEXIM.COM.VN

Our products range includes: Bags, Purses, Jewellery, Vases, Bowls, Plates, Trays, Placemats, Coasters, Boxes, Hampers, Tabletop Items, Home Decorative Accessories, made of Natural and Eco-friendly materials such as Bamboo, Rattan, Seagrass, Fern, Water Hyacinth, Willow, Coconut, Taffeta Silk, Buffalo Horn, Mother of Pearl,
*   Eco-friendly Bamboo Handbag, Seagrass handbag, Jute Handbag, Rattan Handbag, handmade handbag, Fashion Handbag Bag
*   Taffeta Silk Handbag, Embroidery handbag, handmade handbag, evening handbag, shoulder handbag, velvet handbag, canvas handbag, satin handbag, fashion handbag
*   Taffeta Silk Wallet Purse Clutch, embroidery Wallet Purse, evening wallet purse, shoulder wallet purse, handmade wallet Purse clutch
*   Mother of Pearl Handbag, Mop Handbag, Shell Handbag, evening Handbag, Shoulder Handbag, handmade handbag, fashion handbag, abalone handbag
*   Mother of Pearl Wallet purse clutch, Mop wallet purse, Shell wallet purse, Evening wallet purse, shoulder wallet purse, handmade wallet purse clutch, abalone wallet purse clutch
*   Buffalo Horn Handbag, evening Handbag, Shoulder Handbag, handmade handbag, fashion handbag
*   Buffalo Horn Wallet purse clutch, Evening wallet purse, shoulder wallet purse, handmade wallet purse clutch
*   Beaded Bags, Beaded Handbags, Beaded Wallets, Beaded Purses, Beaded Clutch
*   Bamboo Vase, Lacquer vase, pressed bamboo vase, coiled bamboo vase, rolling bamboo vase, Spun Bamboo Vase, Laminated Bamboo Vase
*   Bamboo Bowl, Lacquer Bowl, pressed bamboo Bowl, coiled bamboo Bowl, rolling bamboo Bowl, Spun Bamboo Bowl, Laminated Bamboo Bowl, Bamboo Salad Bowl
Company Products/Services
*   Bamboo Plate, Lacquer Plate, pressed bamboo Plate, coiled bamboo Plate, rolling bamboo Plate, Spun Bamboo Plate, Laminated Bamboo Plate, Bamboo Salad Plate
*   Bamboo Tray, Lacquer Tray, pressed bamboo Tray, coiled bamboo Tray, rolling bamboo Tray, Spun Bamboo Tray, Laminated Bamboo Tray
*   Rattan basket, Seagrass basket, Fern basket, Water Hyacinth basket, bamboo basket, willow basket, wicker basket
*   Rattan Plate, Seagrass plate, Fern plate, Water Hyacinth plate, bamboo plate, willow plate, wicker plate
*   Rattan placemat, Seagrass placemat, Fern placemat, Water Hyacinth placemat, bamboo placemat, willow placemat, wicker placemat
Contact us
Contact Person : Huong DINH
Address : 3p7/91 nguyen An Ninh
Telephone : 844 38644365
Fax : 844 38644365
E-Mail :  

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