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You will be pleased to know that we take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a leading Manufacturers of all Laboratory glasswares and instruments and an leading Marketer and the direct company agent of Laboratory Chemicals (Sigma Aldrich, Fluka, Merck, Loba, Rankem, Leochem)for the past 25years with a successive track record. Our particular product strengths include. Laboratory Reagent, Analytical Reagent,
Bio Chemicals, Enzymes, Culture Media, Stain Indicators, Glasswares, Instruments, Ethanol, Methanol, Lactic acid, citric acid etc. Our contacts with India?s major pharmaceutical and chemical companies have been developed over the years. We offer our clients a very different approach because we are highly experience
flexible. Our people are committed to provide support to ensure that every aspect
of quotation, order processing, packing and the shipment is carried out smoothly and professionally. Please feel free to
contact us with your enquiry.
*   Rare Chemicals
*   Research Chemicals
*   Precoius Chemicals
*   Industrial Chemicals
*   Commercial Chemicals
*   Laboratory Glasswares
*   Imported Instruments
*   Lab Grade Chemicals
*   Rare Enzymes
*   Siddha Chemicals
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*   Chemicals
*   Glasswares
*   Equipments
*   Instruments
*   Commercial Chemicals
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Contact Person : John Bricklin, John Franglin
Address : 59 shankar nagar 2nd street main, k.pudur, madurai, Tamil Nadu.
Telephone : 9489865574/9443930480/9894665504/98
E-Mail :  

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