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Since globalisation has taken its roots in India, for survival it has become imperative to make high quality goods at economical prices. After sales service has become prohibitively costly. To make high quality equipment you need inputs that are consisten
Company Products/Services
*   All kinds of chokes/coils/transformers based on: (i) Pot Cores in all sizes, (ii) RM8/RM6 Cores, (iii) Toroidal Cores, (iv) U-U Cores, (v) E-E & E-I Cores (Ferrite only).
*   High Voltage Pulse Transformers (upto 24 kV), Flyback Transformers for T.V. sets/mon
Contact us
Contact Person : Mr. Ashok K. Jain
Address : Kishan Flour Mills Campus, Railway Road, Meerut City - 250 002. India
Telephone : +91-121-513973
Fax : +91-121-513973
E-Mail :  

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