Aerona Beauty-Manufacturers Of Manicure Instrument

Company Profile
Aerona Beauty is a manufacturing & export company selling beauty care instruments-manicure tools like hair cutting scissors,cuticle nippers,hair thinning shears,professional nail nippers,cuticle nail scissors,Ingrown toenail nippers,barber scissors,nail clippers,cuticle pushers,blackhead removers,embroidery scissors,tweezers,nail files,callus removers,shaving razors,acrylic nail slicer,young nails magic wand pterygium remover pinch tweezers,feather styling razors and beauty tools all over the globe.
*   Based in Sialkot - Pakistan and Founded in 2001, Aerona Beauty is providing quality products and the best value prices.
*   Get perfect Stylish look which you desire with our high quality Beauty care Instruments.
Company Products/Services
*   Barber Scissors,hair thinning scissors,professional nail cutters,Heavy Duty Toenail Cutters,nail care
*   Skin care,manicure & pedicure instruments,beauty products,Toenail NippersPlastic Handle Scissors,Acrylic Tip Cutters,Tailor Scissors,Beauty Kits,small nail cutters
*   Arrow Point Nail Cutters,Cuticle Nippers,Pushers,Blackhead Removers,Razor Edge Shears,Hair Thinning Shears
*   Tweezers,Nail files,corn cutters,eyebrow tweezers,cuticle pushers,nail nippers,side cuttersFoot Files, Callus Removers,Shaving Razors,Cuticle Scissors,Embroidery Scissors
*   Moon shaped nail cutters,barrelled spring nail cutters,manicure kits,manicure instruments,pedicure instruments
Contact us
Contact Person : Bilal Malik
Address : Plot No:1770, Malik Colony
Telephone : +923217106500
Fax : +92523011214
E-Mail :  

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