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ADHIACON , established in 1988 as a Textile Engineering firm , dealing in Textile Accessories and spares. It then evolved into a full fledged consultancy firm for Textile Mills and also a major supplier of Textile Machinery and spares in the Eastern Region and Bangladesh.

Adhiacon in 1995 diversified into the Environmental Division. Its diverse interest at that time being Textile Processing Effluent Treatment. It is now one of most innovative manufacturers of Textile Processing Waste Water Treatment Systems. From this experience Adhiacon ventured into waste water treatment of other industrial sectors such as Dye & Dye Intermediates , Dairy ,Tanneries & Other related industries. In this regard Adhiacon tied up with Polutech , a giant organisation in Waste water Treatment . What was exceptionally commendable was it's excellent Technical backup , with precise knowhow and a team of engineers for service at all times.

During 1997-99 , Adhiacon , through its continued R&D Program developed the 'catalytic Precipitation' Method of removing Heavy Metals such as Iron, Chromium, Lead , and such Metalloids like Arsenic and composites like Fluoride. This System was incorporated by Adhiacon into a Complete Unit which could not only remove heavy metals and other components , but also remove colour , correct BOD & COD and remove bacterial contamination from wastewater.

This System is used in the Life saving Arsenic Mitigation & Fluoride Removal Projects . This System was also incorporated in a module that is very beneficial for Handloom and Tiny Scale Weavers. The System was highly appreciated by the Tannery Sector for its application in Tannery Effluent Treatment & Chrome Recovery.

Adhiacon also manufactures Water Purification system for Packaged Drinking Water . One of the major Mineral Water Manufacturers in Bangladesh - Alif Mineral is a proud user of Adhiacon's State of Art Packaged Water Purification Unit.

Some of the proud clients of Adhiacon's Systems / Consultancy in the Environmental Sector are Reliance Jute Mills (International ) Ltd. , Pioneer Friction Ltd. , Bristol Petroleum Private Ltd. , Budge Budge Jute Mills, Bhaskar Shrachi Alloys Ltd. , Palan Exports , Gluconate Health Ltd.

Adhiacon's Investigative study Report on " Causes for Corrosion of mild steel / iron structures at VSB Complex for Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd." is a landmark in Environmental Engineering in the recent times.

Adhiacon is now in to manufacturing , design & supply of Complete Waste Water Treatment Units / Purification Units for Industrials Sectors and Packaged Drinking Water Industry .
*   AQUASAFE - Safe Drinking water for your Homes
*   AFDWS 2000 - Arsenic Removal Systems.
*   TETP 2000 - The Ultimate Solution For Processors in the Tiny and Handloom Sector
*   CWPU - Compact Water Purification Unit
*   ENVIRONTEX - The Solution for Effluent Treatment in the Textile Sector.
*   Machinery For Packaged Mineral Water Industry
*   Air Engineering and Humdification Systems
*   Textile Testing Instruments
*   Textile Machinery - Cardroom ,High Prod. Card Conversions , Spares and Accessories
*   Textile - Looms , Needle & Tape Looms.
Company Products/Services
*   Effluent Treatment Plants for Textile Processing Units , Tanneries, Dye and Dye Intermediates Industry. Packages Effluent Treatment Plants For Tiny and Handloom Processors.
*   Purified Water Treatment Technology for Packaged Drinking Water.
*   Textile Machinery , Accessories and Spares.
*   Industrial Humidification and Air Engineering
*   Arsenic / Fleoride / Chromium Removal Technologies
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Contact Person : Mr. Dipankar Adhya
Address : 58/67 A, Lake Gardens Calcutta - 700 045
Telephone : 91 9433011902
Fax : 91-33-40644381
E-Mail :  

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