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Company Profile
Namtech Electronic Devices Limited, located in Electronics City, Bangalore,India is an ISO 9002 company specialized in manufacturing and marketing of Electronic Components and associated products for the Electronics and Telecommunications Industry. We are the only manufacturer in India of both 2 Pole and 3 Pole Ceramic Gas Discharge Tubes for use in different types of Main Distribution Frames (MDF) like Krone, Pouyet, TVS R&M, I.T.I. Ltd etc. We have strategic tie ups with organizations of international repute to manufacture most of our products which are as follows:

*   With M/s SUNTECH CO.LTD, Japan for 2 Pole and 3 Pole Ceramic GD Tubes.
*   With M/s CITEL.S.A, France for 2 Terminal Glass-Metal type GD Tubes.
*   With M/s Bright LED Electronics Corporation, Taiwan for LED and LED Displays
*   With M/s Tai Tien Electric CO.LTD, Taiwan for Crystal Oscillators.
Company Products/Services
*   2 Pole and 3 Pole Ceramic Gas Discharge (GD) Tubes (Surge Arrestors)
*   2 Terminal Glass-Metal type Gas Discharge (GD) Tubes (Surge Arrestors)
*   Light Emitting Diodes (LED) and LED Displays
*   Crystal Oscillators
*   Digital Electronic Energy Meters
Contact us
Contact Person : Venu Silvanose
Address : Leo complex, 2nd Floor, 44/45, Residency Road Cross, Bangalore-560 025 Karnataka, India
Telephone : ++91-80-5582128, 5594803
Fax : ++91-80-5597270
E-Mail :  

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